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Toby Schuetgens Simple Life Society

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You are proud of living a simple life?

Why don´t you join "Toby Schuetgens Simple Life Society"?

The "Toby Schuetgens Simple Life Society" is something like a fanclub that provides you with special content and exclusive benefits like discount codes for the merch store or even free digital track downloads! 

Your benefits:

Bronze Tier:

By joining the bronze tier you´ll get access to special content!

Silver Tier:

With the silver tier you´ll get all benefits from the bronze tier plus a 15% discount code for the merch shop.

After you have joined the silver tier membership, you will be eligible to use the discount code "silver" at the checkout page to recieve 15 % off.

Gold Tier:

The gold tier will give you also access to the special content plus a 20% discount code for the merch shop AND all songs as a free download!

After you have joind the gold tier use discount code "goldmerch" for the 20 % off on physical products and use code "gold" to download the digital tracks for free.


Special Discount:
Silver & Gold Members become 15% off on all "TS Simple Life Society" Items. Use Code: "TSSLS15" at checkout!