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This is the place where you can directly order your mixing slot at simple life studio. 

You have a finished song and now you are looking for an audio engineer to master your track? So this is your place to be. I will do the last and the final tweaks to get the most out of your song in my hybrid studio. 

And this is how it works:

Pick the required service and find the Upload-Button (close to the price-tag) and simply upload your audio files to directly attach them to your order.

After you went through the chekout process I receive your order directly including your audio files and can straightly start to go through them. If there is some further conversation needed I´ll will reach out you, otherwise you get back your final product within just a coupe days.

If you don´t know how to prepare your files to upload or don´t even know which files to upload hit this link first:

File Preparation (<click here)

The mixing price is depending on the number of tracks your mix contains. The more tracks are inside of your song the more I need to charge for it,