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unlimited free revisions • authentic sound • HD audio • final files as download • you´ll be involved

The mixing & mastering are the last two steps during a song production. When the song is written, arranged and recorded it comes to the mixing phase. Mixing brings all the single parts together to make it to a complete song. 

Mastering is the last step, where the finishing touches are made, it will be brought to the final volume and it is ensured that the song works well on different playback devices.

Most commonly the mixing and the mastering are done by two different engineers to make sure that here is a fresh pair of ears for each step. But if you want to keep it all in the same hands, you should pick this "mixing & mastering package". 

You just need to upload all the tracks of your song through this page (click here to find out how to prepare your files for the upload!) and go through the checkout process, where you can also set up your customer account*. As soon as I have received your files I will reach out to you for any further conversation about your project.

You will also be involved into the whole process. I will send you samples you can make decisions on for the further process.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out on Instagram or via this Contact Form (click here!)

**The customer account is required for the file exchange.


"Hi Toby. listened to the track, sounds absolutely awesome, thank you! ... On the whole I love the sound of it."

Client Feedback

"Hey Toby thanks for the masters. I really appreciate the work you did."

Client Feedback

"Great instrumental mix and loads of dynamic in this one."

Curators Feedback

"There's a lot of heart and soul in the organic country-rock performances."

Audience Feedback

"Based on questions related to radio, the production quality is higher than most songs on the radio."

Crowd Review Feedback